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Stonewick's Amazing Black Shadow


Shadow ~      

OFA Certification,            

        *   Hips ~ Good

        *   Elbows ~ Normal 

        *   DM Clear, She can never produce a puppy affected by DM!


     We brought Shadow home as an eight week old puppy.  From the very beginning she was our son Brenton's dog.  At twelve years old Brenton began her training.  (With some help from Dad)  She turned out to be a total blast for Brenton to train and work with.   After mastering basic obedience they are branched out into new "tricks" Brenton is now looking towards college and life ahead and we have made the decision that we should retire Shadow as he gets ready to move on to the next stage in life. 

     Shadow has amazing ball drive and will play ball until you are tired of playing.  She is amazing with all of the kids and is a perfect "Protection Dog" for the family.  When she is out with the kids I know they will be safe, (with her and from others!)

     Shadow has an amazing working pedigree and she is proving it for herself.  

We have been excited as we have watched her puppies develop into well rounded German Shepherds with the same drive and desire to work as she has had. 

    Shadow's Pedigree     


Shadow's Sire

Former Canine Extreme 

Working in Personal Protection & IPO training

Hips & Elbows- OFA- Good & Normal,

DM Clear

"Former"  is a Working Line Stud who came out of East Germany.  

 He is a dark Sable.  Great with kids and the family and also a great protection dog. 


Shadow's Mom

Tequila z Trojmezi  


Titled ~ ZVVI

Hips OFA Good

DM Clear


An amazingly athletic pure black German Shepherd Girl imported from the Slovakia.  She has nice bloodlines going back to the famous Z Pohranicni Straze German Shepherds.  These are the border patrol dogs in the Czech Republic.  

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