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Querro od Hradcanskeho Rybnika
BH/VT, IGP 1, IGP 2, IGP 3

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Czech Import

Titles,  BH/VT, IGP1, IGP2, IGP3

Health Tested: 

     Hips: A— Equivalent of OFA Excellent
     Elbows: O— Equivalent of OFA Excellent
     DM Clear (Degenerative Myelopathy)— N/N



Querro is a Gorgeous black sable male!

"He was just imported by Chad McCarthy and is available for stud based out of Oklahoma"

Querro (Querro od Hradčanského rybníka)

Querro (Querro od Hradčanského rybníka): an Executive Level Protection Dog!

Schutzhund Titles Earned: With high 90’s scores, excelling in both obedience and protection.




Health Tested

Hips: A— Equivalent of OFA Excellent
Elbows: O— Equivalent of OFA Excellent
DM Clear (Degenerative Myelopathy)— N/N


Available for Stud

For breeders searching for IGP 3 working line German Shepherd stud service, Querro is available to approved females. A short-haired, black sable, he is capable of producing a variety of color. He has produced sable, black sable and all black offspring. When bred to females of substance, Querro can produce offspring with tremendous bone structure.


Mona Lisa of Working Line Studs

The opportunity to import Querro from the Czech Republic felt like winning the lottery. His large, blocky head and impressive bone structure matches what one might expect from a Rocky Mountain Timber Wolf. Put your hand on his head, and the tremendous breadth of skull will dwarf a person’s hand. He is like the Mona Lisa of working line German Shepherd studs. Few dogs will ever match his impressive structure and striking black sable color. To see Querro in person is to see art in motion. He is drop, dead gorgeous! A prolific producer of large litters, Querro merits being put on the short list if you are in search of a titled, import German Shepherd male for stud.

IGP 3 Titled: But Great Off Switch


For an executive level protection dog, Querro has a fantastic on/off switch. He snuggles with our children. Not once has he shown an ounce of handler aggression. Serious when working, a puppy dog when around the house. A proven stud, Querro routinely reproduces himself in his litters.

Querro possesses both high food and ball drive. Such drive makes him a pleasure to train. Having produced many litters overseas as well as proven here in the USA, Querro’s ability to stamp himself in his offspring makes him “just right” as a stud dog. With his off switch engaged, he could easily be described as a playful black bear. Turn that switch into gear and no-one would want to meet him hurtling through the air in the dead of night!


Health Tested

With A/O hips and elbows, Querro scores above average in joint health. His structure is part of why we so love the working lines. Querro’s toppling is as it should be. Strong, with a gentle slope over hindquarters— no exaggerated roach back!  Lab tested DM clear (DM N/N), Querro should never produce a DM affected offspring.


Import Pedigree Second to None

Every dog in Querro’s extended pedigree is Schutzhund titled— a majority are IGP 3 titled. Querro was purposefully selected as a stud whose parentage over and over demonstrates above average joint health. Further, Querro’s routinely throws high drive puppies. Over and over his offspring have demonstrated above average capacity for obedience and protection training. Cooled semen can be shipped to most parts of the world. It is particularly easy if you are located within the USA. Querro ticks all the boxes, Whether you main concern is health, health and bone structure, or health, structure and a flashy, flashy black sable coloring, he really does tick all the right boxes. For breeders looking for that perfect working line German Shepherd stud service, consider putting Querro on your short list!


Fantastic Schutzhund Scores

Querro’s highest Schutzhund scores were 96, 91, 97. Whether you are looking for a well-bred Czech, German, or Slovakian working-line pedigree dog, Querro checks all the boxes.  

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