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"Risa"  Rissa z Jahelu, BH, VT IGP1, ZVV1

IMG_4090 4.jpg
IMG_4110 2.jpg

Risa is our large bi-colored temale import from the Czech Republic. She has great conformation, with a

large broad head and beautiful ear set. She has

accomplished both her IGP1 and Zvl titles, with solid

scores. She has good drives in every area, and has a

sweet and level-headed temperment. She turns 6 in February. Risa can be handled well by a child, or a first time

handler. She is extremely friendly and sweet, anyone

will get along with her.


Her sire is well known, the only living 2x

World Chamption, Qvido Vepeden. He is a legend in

the GSD community, proving himself time and time

again in a wide variety of title trials. He has flashy

obedience, a deep nose, and intense love for his family,

excelling not only as a working dog, but as a loyal

home companion as well. He is all a GSD should be,

wrapped into one beautiful package.

Her dam is Bea Segama, a titled female herself. This

side of the pedigree is impressive as well, with the great

Drago Equidus being her grandfather, and Nike

Equidus her great grandmother. Risa's pedigree is a

who's who of world champion GSDs. Pedigrees like

hers, with generations of champions, produces innate

greatness which she will continue to pass down to her


We expect Risa to produce large, broad headed and

conformationally exceptional puppies that will be able

to excel in any area they are introduced to. We are

excited about her abilities, and her ability to produce

beautiful, bi-colored off spring.

"Risa's Dad ~ Qvido

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