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. . . . More About Stonewick German Shepherds


    Here at Stonewick German Shepherds there are some things that are extremely important.  

We Care About the Most Important things in Life! 


~ Our God! 

~ Our Family! 

~ Our Country! 

We are truly blessed to live in America and have the freedom to worship God as well as raise our families with the Bible as our foundational principles.  Truly, we are a blessed people

Our History:   Over twenty years ago I was introduced to the "dog world"  when as a 14 year old boy I got my very own Purebred Great Pyrenees and began his training.  Tasko was truly my best friend.  We had some close friends who took our family under their wing and taught us all we needed to know to go on and compete in conformation shows as well as obedience trials.  We were blessed to start out with some world class dogs.  At sixteen I had already had the privilege of showing Tasko to his championship and also his CD obedience title.  Through our family friend I also had the opportunity of working with a number of other dogs as well.  When I went off to boarding school at sixteen I had had the privilege of showing two separate dogs all the way to Best Puppy In Show.  What a privilege for a teen age boy.  We certainly had some wonderful days and met some wonderful people as so many people were so happy to help us to learn to "train" "show" and compete with our dogs.  

Our Life:  Time has moved on and now I have a family of my own.  Somehow the love of dogs and working with them never seems to go away.  I am now a Pastor of a church here in Nashville, Tennessee which takes up the majority of my time.  When not working with the church we love to spend time together as a family.  It was a number of years ago now when my eldest boy really wanted a dog "of his very own"  that we were introduce to the Working Line German Shepherds.  From the very day we brought our first girls home our family fell in love with this breed.  We love the Working Line German Shepherds.  They have entered right into the midst the family.  Brenton has taken it upon himself to train his "Shadow" with a little help from Dad.  I have had so much fun working as a family, passing on some of the training tips that were handed to me. 

Our Mission:   Our German Shepherds have become part of the family.  Our mission is to produce top quality, European Working Line German Shepherds that can excel in whatever direction, and however far you want to take them.  

Our dogs come from top of the line European lines.  If you take the time to train them right these dogs can excel in any field.  

IPO Sports

Obedience Trials

Drug Detection

Champion Couch Potato & Your Families Best Friend:)

Our dogs will impress and inspire, combining intelligence, health, desire to please, loyalty, fearlessness, courage, athleticism and beauty into one awe-inspiring experience.  

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