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Snowy Night

 (Ground Shipment Available)  

Protection~Companion Dogs For Sale

      No one can deny that we are living in crazy days.  The events over the last couple of years have reminded us that if there is one thing we can be sure of it is the fact that we have no guarantee of what tomorrow holds. In a day when safety is a big concern our family has found that being an owner of trained German Shepherd brings a sense of security and safety unrivaled by nothing else. The intelligence of a German Shepherd is astounding. They sense the motives of people and respond with loyal devotion to their loving companion. While being fully capable of taking down an assailant they are very gentle with children and sense when to be in "on guard" or "playful" mode! As you develop a relationship with your "Guard Dog" the more time you spend together and the stronger bond you forge will be visible to all who come in contact with you. You will now have a loyal friend who will have your back!

Because of what we have all gone through in these uncertain days we at Stonewick's have made the decision to make available a few of the trained adult dogs we have to others who are looking for the same kind of world class pedigrees, training, gentle disposition, as well as fiercely loyal Protection Dogs. 


Stonewick's Amazing Black Shadow

Obedience Training / Superb Family Dog

Date of Birth ~ May 7th, 2018

Color ~ Black & Tan Female

Available ~ Thanksgiving 2023


Arsinoya Vom Haus KoGor

Titles: BH, IGP1

Date of Birth ~ November 22nd, 2018

Color ~ Black Female

Available ~ Now


Athos,  "Atos Agatova Horka"

Titles: BH, IGP 1, SVVI

Date of Birth ~ August 1st, 2018

Color ~ Sable Male

Available ~ Now

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