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Drax z Kurimshenko haje


Czech Import

BH, SVV1 Titles

Hips & Elbows ~


      Hips DBK, A ~ Equivalent of OFA Excellent 

      Elbows DLK, A ~ Equivalent of OFA Excellent

Drax is an Executive Level Protection Dog.​



Drax is "A Dream Come True"  of a working male.  

We have had the opportunity to import Drax directly from the Chech Repubic.   Drax and his brother were the two "pick of the litter" males out of a specially planned breeding.  They both then went through two solid years of training with one of the best trainers in Slovokia.  Just take a look at his pedigree and you will be blown away at the "Multi-Titled" dogs stacked up one after another.  Truly it is our privilege to be able to add Drax to our breeding program.  He has gorgeous sable coloring, a beautiful, broad masculine head, perfectly set proportional ears, and dark eyes.  He is extremely well built, tall and correct in his angulation and conformation. 


His Highlights ~  Drax is good with other female dogs and non dominant males.  He adjusts quickly to new environments.  He is a great all around dog whether on the city streets, in the park, or driving on a trip.  His obedience on and off leash is exceptional.  He has a real willingness to work with being very handler oriented. He takes correction well and is a strong, forward boy.  He isn't afraid of anything and has solid nerves.  He has tons of ball and food drive, and a very solid defensive drive.  He is also is a great family raised dog and is great with children.  He is social and safe and a great family dog.  At the same time, he has a very strong civil side.  


His Training ~  Drax  has been trained and titled in all 3 phases (obedience, tracking, and protection) to an incredible level.  SVV1!   He was trained by one of the top trainers in Europe for the first two years of his life.  He was all ready for his IGP2 or ZVV2 Title but all the events were shut down due to Covid which is the only obstacle that kept him from going on.  We made the decision to go ahead and bring him over from Europe rather than leave him there for another year of training.  

His pedigree ~   Drax has one of the most impressive pedigrees I have seen.  He has four generations of highly titled and super intelligent WL GSD behind him.  The litter was a carefully planned litter and then Drax and his brother Drake were picked out as the pick of the litter males to go through extensive training for the next two years.  His Sire is Titles to the Coveted ZVV3 which is so rarely achieved today with less then 15 GSD's obtaining this title per year.  The first fourteen dogs listed on his pedigree all have IPO3, ZVV3, SchH3 Titles, with many of them having multiple different Titles.   


      You cannot write a better pedigree than this boy's!  He has been in continuous training since weaning.  No stone has been left unturned in his development.  He is exceptional in every category.  House manners?  He is a joy.  Travel?  Bring it on.  Obedience?  Anywhere, anytime both in and out of the ring this boy can work.  Protection?  Really....You need to ask?  Go watch this young ambassador of the breed show what a REAL protection dog looks like.  Fearless, power, control, nerves of steel and safe, safe, safe control and temperament that is just a blessing to behold.       Hundreds of hours and tons of teamwork by the best in the industry have went into the creation of this masterpiece of a personal protection dog named Drax.


His Mother ~ Limetka is BH, AD IPG3, ZVV2 as well though that doesn't show on the visual pedigree

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